Powerful RESULTS

Forearm amputated, another year of chemotherapy and surgeries at leading cancer facility, with NO results. Further treatment was to do a surgical “Quarter Body Resection” of collarbone, scapula and entire left shoulder!
In 7 weeks, through the powerful results of Comprehensive Kinesiology, Core Health, and Dr. Garcia, M.D., all cancer vanishes.
(Link both Core Health and Dr. Garcia’s site.)
Journal of Am. Medical Assn. Oct 21, 2009 reported by NY Times,
“Cancer Vanishes without Treatment” is the title,
and in the article “cells… revert to normal.”
This article is not related to Core Health’s growing string of success expanding health.


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"This WILL be a chapter in my next book, 'Energy Medicine!"
Norm Shealy, MD, PhD,
author of over 312 publications, including 23 books, founded Holos University Graduate Seminary, co-founded a graduate program in Energy Medicine with Dr. Caroline M. Myss

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