Comprehensive Kinesiology

and HISTORY of Energy Measuring

©2009 Dr. Ed Carlson

Peer Review and Verified by: Grandmaster David Harris, 10th Degree Black Belt;

Dr. Carl Amodio, Kinesiology Professor, Life University; Phil Orth, 30 year Public School Counselor.

50+ years ago, Kinesiology emerged in the Medical and Health Care professions, as a diagnostic discipline in Physical Therapy for muscle function.

APPLIED Kinesiology (AK): 1964, chiropractor George Goodheart, Jr., made a diagnostic observation so profound it is forever a landmark in the history of all health care provided by medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, dental, naturopathic, homeopathic, and psychology doctors. (Durlacher)

Correlating muscles with acupuncture meridians and energy flows, Dr. Goodheart developed Applied Kinesiology through continous research, and continuous study. He wisely built bridges, rather than barriers, leading to broader understanding among professionals.

AK measures in the physical areas: body, herbs, vitamins, drugs.

(Hawkins Scale 200)

BEHAVIORAL Kinesiology (BK): 1970s, Psychiatrist John Diamond, MD was attracted by Goodheart’s policy, intrigued by AK, and became the first medical member of the Intl. College of Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Diamond learned that a patient thinking an anxious thought “weakened” a previously strong muscle.

Dr. Diamond reached the CORE of emotional problems for people far faster than traditional counseling – changing his entire practice. He shared this with fellow psychiatrist Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force. Diamond’s first book was Behavioral Kinesiology (paperback: Your Body Doesn’t Lie), followed by his very comprehensive Life Energy correlating positive and negative emotions for each acupuncture meridian. BK measures in the mental, psychological, emotional, and subconscious areas.

(Hawkins Scale to 499)

1970′s Dennisons developed Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology (EduK). Psychiatrist Harvey Ross, MD was very impressed with anxiety or false statements weakening muscles. He shared this with his good friend psychologist Roger Callahan, PhD. Dr. Callahan immediately registered for a 100 hour AK course – the only psychologist in the course! In 1985, he published Five Minute Phobia Cure.

Rob Williams created PSYCH-K, 1988; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), 1989; mid-1990s, Gary Craig created the popular Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), gifting it free to anyone; and later the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology was born (ACEP).

University of California psychologists Peter Lambrou and George Pratt are on staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital. Both have private practices and consult for businesses around the country. They treated over 6,000 patients with 95% success. Instant Emotional Healing, Random House, 2000, gives great credit to Goodheart, Diamond, and Callahan as pioneers.

Body-Mind connection: Dr. Scott Walker, chiropractor, 1988, realized physical adjustments held better when underlying emotional aspects were cleared. Dr. Walker developed Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.).

Now, 80-90% of chiropractors believe emotions have a causal relationship to pain in the body. In the 1980s,

Energy Medicine was accepted by The National Institutes of Health as complementary and alternative medicine.

These improvements continue the traditional treating of symptoms, from outside to inside, swimming in the pool of dis-ease / dis-comfort. Next is “Leaping to our Ocean of Health,” and expanding this from the inside.

COMPREHENSIVE KINESIOLOGY© (CK): 1990s, a dimensional and integral expansion, measuring energy deeper in the Energy System and Spiritual area, was emerging in Dr. Ed Carlson’s Heart Forgiveness, from which developed Core Health. Deepest level distortions of Energy can produce “symptoms” in emotions, subconscious, mind and body. As individuals learn to manage their energy from the inside – clearing deepest level distortions – “symptoms” often simply disappear. This is the true meaning of In~Power.

See www.CoreHealth.us, RESEARCH: “Beyond Energy Psychology,” & “Freeing Criminal Drug Addicts.”

CK measures in Energy and Spirit.

(Hawkins Scale 500 – 1000)

Energy Measuring is a huge leap, tripling as

  1. Tool of Discovery,
  2. Means of Experiential Learning, and
  3. Demonstrating RESULTS.

Heart Forgiveness and Core Health are major expansions, fully integrating Body~Mind~Spirit. They effectively clear the many burdens people carry about others, their self, and God.

Experienced Re-activation of the core of pure health we each enjoyed as a child is more than memorizing, emulating, or taking notes – it is experiencing our core of pure health in our energy, in our heart, in every cell of our body – so our daily living flows effortlessly, without compulsion, from the wellspring of our natural ability to live a full and healthy life.

Visual image of Comprehensive Kinesiology; 'core energy' measuring using a body response (kinesiology)


Albert Einstein’s most recognized formula is:

E = MC2

Energy equals Mass accelerated to C2, the Speed of Light times the Speed of Light. (34.6 Billion miles/second)

Until recently, everything was done on the MC2 side.

We have now moved to working on the E (Energy) side of the equation . . .
from which ALL else flows into creation / manifestation.

"This WILL be a chapter in my next book, 'Energy Medicine!"
Norm Shealy, MD, PhD,
author of over 312 publications, including 23 books, founded Holos University Graduate Seminary, co-founded a graduate program in Energy Medicine with Dr. Caroline M. Myss

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